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What I Found Out Surprised Me

Why do people use nootropics anyway? Nootropics are a disparate bunch of substances, some are plant extracts, some are synthesized compounds, and yet others are purely pharmaceuticals and available only on prescription.

Taken together, these substances are called nootropics, on the model of the class of drugs known as psychotropics…

langley castle hotel
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How A Luxury Castle Hotel Dealt With A New Invader

The Lockdown Part One.

“In my forty-three years as a hotelier, I’ve never had to face anything like this before,” Margaret Livingstone-Evans, general manager of the , said.

We were talking of COVID of course.

Margaret has been a hotelier all her career, seen it all, done it…

Tony Walker

Author, Psychiatric Nurse, Narrator. I also produce the Classic Ghost Stories Podcast. Link Tree:

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