Do Mediums Fake It? — Haunted Places

Tony Walker
17 min readDec 23, 2022

Different Kinds of Psychics

Psychics, sensitives, clairvoyants, and mediums. The outside world bunches them all together. They themselves see differences, but how they do what they do is obscure. Sometimes psychics purposefully obscure the situation. I have known enough psychics to believe that there is something going on there, though I’m still not sure what.

Real psychics are picking up some kind of information that the rest of us don’t get. I’ve also known enough psychics to know that a lot of them make it up, or at least stretch the truth, and fill in gaps in psychically received information through guesswork.

Mediums are technically the people who communicate with spirits-either dead people or discarnate intelligences-that are not human ghosts. Clairvoyants are people who see things-often the future-psychically, and they may have no ability at all to converse with spirits. Clairaudients hear things rather than see them, and there are also people who just sense things.

The Spiritualist Church has given rise to a great deal of mediumship in the Western world. Because it is a religion, it has a set of beliefs, so spiritual mediums may think they are talking to the spirit of a dead person when it could be a non-human entity, telepathic communication from a living person, or just their own thoughts that they think are coming from outside of themselves.

However, I have also been to haunted properties where more than one medium has independently reported similar (not the same) experiences with spirits. That is very convincing. It’s also convincing when the medium comes back with personal details about the ghost that can be checked against official records.

I should also say that some haunted places have been reported by different mediums to have different ghosts, never the same one twice. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t hundreds of ghosts in some old properties, but it would be good if the mediums reported at least some of the same ones.

My experience of clairvoyants is that they sometimes very strikingly know things about their clients that they clearly haven’t gotten from normal sources. However, my experience again is that the predictions of the future they make, though you may believe…