Yes, I'm familiar with Hoffman. I listened to some of his Youtube articles and his Buddha At The Gaspump interiew with Rick Archer.

I just read a piece in the Fortean Times about 'plates of shrimp' which is a way of referring to the bizarre and inconsequential coincidences that happen a lot.

I have been listening to the Mystery Machine Lovecraft Investigations podcast (very good) and the lastest is about the fish-god Dagon.

Out of the blue, last night my daughter was Whatsapping me and said, 'Hey' I met this woman who called her kid Dagon. I bet she doesn't know..."

So I asked my daughter why she'd sent me that message and it just popped into her head to tell me. No real consequence to that little synchronicity.

I am interested in Manifestation. I was reading Mitch Horowitz about it. I have tried to manifest a Tesla mind you. So far nothing.

But it's like the availability heuristic. I once worked on a dementia ward and it seemed to me that everybody got dementia, but that's just because I was seeing it. Then working with alcohol dependent people, it seemed they all died, but of course it was probably because the ones that got better never came to see me again.

It is truly fascinating but I haven't a clue what it means.

But, by concentrating on success stories only, did that make them more likely?

Author, Psychiatric Nurse, Narrator. I also produce the Classic Ghost Stories Podcast.

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